5 Easy Rules Of Hacking

Hey guys, today I’m going to talk about few quick tips on hacking. Remember, these tips are especially for black hat hackers. We don’t  encourage getting into unethical things. This is just informative article on the rules that hacker culture follow. So, here we go!

1. Always stay anonymous

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Exploiting MySQL/MariaDB sql/password.c Vulnerability to gain access into MySQL Server

mysql_hackHey guys, today I thought to talk about a vulnerability which is found on MySQL and MariaDB databases. I have surfed and went through a lot of written stuff to get a proper understanding about this vulnerability. Actually I was completely unaware of this stuff! I came knew about this when I  just scanned my college’s Online Information System (OIS) and I got an alert saying “MySQL/MariaDB sql/password.c is vulnerable”. When I researched over this topic, I have come up with a notion to hack into my college’s information systems. Well, I will let you guys know once I successfully perform that, but right now I’m on a vacation so I’ll give a try when I move back. Continue reading →

Website Hacking by SQL Injection – With an example

sql_injectionHey guys! I have taken such a long time delivering you with some information, so today I thought to teach you some interesting stuff. There are over 30 million of sites available on internet and 16% of them are highly vulnerable to SQL injection attack. In this article I will teach you what exactly is SQL injection, how it works and how to perform. I have already taught you some basics in my last article. I advice you to take a look at my previous article before you continue reading this.

Today we are gonna access the database of a European site http://www.adas-fusion.eu/

Recently I have found a link vulnerable to SQL injection.

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Website Hijacking – Complete Tutorial Part-1

Hello viewers!

This is my first post in this blog as I have been honoured by the admin of this blog as the author to add materials for the interested viewers.

Anyways… Before I start anything I would make sure that all the viewers are comfortable and enjoying the posts 🙂

Okay now lets begin with the topic I have mentioned above.

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