7 Quick Tips A Linux Pro Will Always Know

After using Ubuntu for 8 months I have discovered few tips which can make your work pace faster. These are not the pro ones but I’m sure if you’re new to Linux then these are worth knowing. Have a look!

1. Delete a line in terminal with Ctrl + U

Ctrl U for clearing line

2. Repeating previous command with !!


3. Moving to end of line with Ctrl + E

Ctrl E for getting to the end of the line

4. Use Alt + Enter for properties


5. Use Ctrl + Shift + N for a new folder

new folder

6. Shutdown computer at specific


sudo shutdown 22:04


7. The Linux Family Tree


Now that was quite big family tree. Isn’t it? But that’s incomplete one. Find the complete tree here. That’s all for now folks. And yes, this is my first post on this blog. Let me know what you guys want me to post. I usually like to share Linux and programming experiences. See you soon.


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