Five Interesting Facts About the Inventor of the C Programming Language

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Dennis Ritchie’s invention, the C programming language paved the way for many of the popular modern programming languages in use today. Languages such as JavaScript have borrowed concepts either directly or indirectly from C. Dennis Ritchie is credited with helping shape the digital era for his invention of the C programming language. Here are some interesting facts about this great inventor’s life.

The Career and Education of Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie attended Harvard and graduated with degrees in Physics and Applied Mathematics. He began working at Bell Labs in 1968 and later went on to receive his PhD under the supervision of Patrick C. Fischer. His doctoral dissertation was titled “Program Structure and Computational Complexity.” Ritchie was best known for his work as a key figure in the development of the UNIX operating system. He also co-authored the quintessential book on C, titled “The C Programming Language.”

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