The Deep Web Part II: Shady Deals in the Gray Market

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Secure Your Workplace Network

Would you pay $300,000 dollars for a zero-day exploit like the Heartbleed bug? Well, somebody does, and it’s not the traditional hacker bad guys. They don’t have this kind of money. But before we get into the buyers, let’s see what they get for their money.

First of all, they get exclusive rights to the exploit and all updates. They are also promised that the original maker of the software, the vendor, is not informed of the vulnerability that exists in the exploited software. The company that made the software isn’t aware of this flaw so they cannot apply a patch that would help their regular customers remain secure. The longer the flaw remains undiscovered, the more the buyer of the exploit will pay. This is because payment will be made in installments over time. An early patch by the vendor limits the time the exploit can be used and…

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