Email Spoofing: How anonymous mailing using PHP script works?

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  1. Is there any possibility to host a “fakemailer” on my pc like an executable code piece? If i understand everything correctly, using this and dynamic ip will make my “fake” untracable? (it will lead to my nethost, but not further).


    1. To host a file and access it over internet you must have a static ip address! Moreover a dynamic IP address can be traced easily. And for suppose you have hosted your file on your system then firstly you will need a server like ‘Apache’ or ‘xxamp’ to run the php file and secondly it won’t be available over internet unless you have a static ip. You can manage to overcome the second limitation by using no-ip service. But you have a high risk of getting traced!!!


      1. What if i host this file on my victim’s pc, using methods you’ve previously posted? Like i could use telnet and any ftp-server to host it using the console. Therefore any traces will lead to the victim’s ip?

      2. Not very practical! To do this you need a complete shell/physical access to the victim’s system. Once you get it den you have to install the server like xxamp, then you hav to break your head making it available on internet! So the best way is to buy a server anonymously using a VPN and fake details then host your file over there….!

      3. Please Help! I am getting death threats and harassing emails from someone who is using spoof emails. I got their IP address and it took me to the fake email site. How do I trace it back to my stalker? Please help me.

  2. Tanx bro, but I tried it with my 2emails, gmail to yahoomail, it showed sucessfully sent but I didn’t receive d email….. Meanin the email didn’t send… What u think bro


    1. If u have hosted on a then let me tell u, it deactivates the web page once they get to notice that it is a fake page…!! it would work well if u use a paid host… or if are hosting it in ur own system then enable SMTP in Windows system…


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