‘Cut Off’ internet connection of your friend!

Well, it took a couple of hours figuring out the name for this article. Its been a long time delivering you, an article. So today I made my mind to post an interesting stuff on my blog. I was wondering that it would be very cool if you would be able to control the internet connection of your friend under the same Wi-Fi! Isn’t it? So I came up with this article…

This article will be introducing a tool called “NetCut” which is available at http://arcai.com. The direct download link is available below. 

Usually this tool is designed to test the Wi-Fi network or to control the network traffic or to filter the network, but Script kiddies use this tool to take a control over the network traffic. Using this tool you can get the complete list of the systems connected to the network and individually you can decide whether they are supposed to use the internet or not.

Suppose, it is your college Wi-Fi, therefore a number of students are expected to be using that network. In that case, the network speed would get slowdown because of huge bandwidth. Actually the network speed is equally divided between the users, that is, if your college Wi-Fi provides an internet connection of 1Mbps and 10 people are using the network then each one would nearly get a speed of 100Kbps. Therefore in this case if you use NetCut then that would help you disconnecting other people from using internet and this would speed up your connection!

Note: You must be connected to the Wi-Fi whose network traffic you want to manage.

This tool is very simple to use!

  1. Firstly download the latest version of this tool by clicking here!
  2. Install and open the file.
  3. Select the network adapter.
  4. You will see a list of computers under your Wi-Fi.
  5. Select the computer by clicking on the particular IP address. You can also select multiple systems by holding Ctrl key.
  6. Now cut the net connection by clicking on Cut Off.
  7. That’s it…! You are done.

You you must be wondering how to protect myself from this kind of stuff? The answer is very simple. On the same website (arcai.com) you will find a tool named NetCut-Defender. Just download this tool and stay connected to your network!

Feel free to comment your views!

Have fun…



  1. can I bypass someone using netcut defender?
    it’s so frustrating that this guy is always downloading in shared connection…yet he used that netcut defender…


  2. just a question, once I’ve cut someone’s internet connection is it permanent? How do i unblock that person once I’ve finish using the internet?


  3. I was playing GTA 5 online in a guy Head said he was going to cut my Wi-Fi off and he did how do I get it cut back on or unblock


  4. Hi.
    I have tried using NetCut to cut off the Wi-fi connection of a phone, however, it shows off, but the internet is still working of that phone. How do I fix that?


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