1. “Note: In Windows 7 you will have to change the permissions to Full Control to change the file location. Or else you will have to use Administrator account.”

    so what should i do to access windows 7 without admin account??


  2. Once you make the change, then when you select Magnifier from the Ease of Access dialog box, you enter the operating system at the command prompt. The result is you can logon as the System account, without the need of a password. One limitation is that your shell program is cmd.exe rather than explorer. A more serious limitation is that in order to enter via this backdoor, you would need to install a Trojan horse program. Another possibility is that you have logged on previously, and manually made the changes described below.


  3. Hello,
    I believe that on Windows 7 you dont need to be admin just temporiarly rename seth.exe to somethinge else so the name is free and use it on cmd.exe and then rename seth.exe to ‘Stick keys’ or something it wont be functional but if the owner isnt competent at OS file names he wont know correct me if im wrong.
    And thanks this is awesome


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