How to use tumblr on terminal?

So, here we go, I have written a tool will enable terminal and Linux lovers to use and post content to your tumblr blog using terminal.

Here’s what you can do with teblr (written in Python and Licensed with Apache v2).

We give you three basic features with three sub-commands:

tumblr post
tumblr edit
tumblr delete

You can post video, link, audio, text, quote and photo on breeze. Also you can edit and delete your posts directly from teminal (although, you’ll have to know the post id for editing and deleting). Continue reading →

5 Easy Rules Of Hacking

Hey guys, today I’m going to talk about few quick tips on hacking. Remember, these tips are especially for black hat hackers. We don’t  encourage getting into unethical things. This is just informative article on the rules that hacker culture follow. So, here we go!

1. Always stay anonymous

anonymous-mask Continue reading →